Hello and Welcome!

My name is Anthony Durante.

I am the owner of Old’s Cool Choppers: a motorcycle, hot rod, and custom fabricator shop.

Our mission here is to provide you with the highest quality custom parts to improve your custom build.

Since I was 8 years old I’ve had a passion for bikes. I was known around my neighborhood for fixing all kinds of things from bicycles to boats. I would pull a red wagon around searching for thrown-away bicycles and spare sparts. Eventually, I graduated into building custom BMX-style dirt bikes and beach cruisers.

As a teen, I fixed and raced RM dirt bikes. I have fond memories of me and my friends working on broken down bikes, fixing flats, swapping parts, and so on. The hours would fly by and no chores would get done. I remember that my mom would shout at me, “stop messing with those bikes, come cut the grass”, and I would say to my friends, “if you want your stuff fixed, go cut the grass for my mom.”

I’ve carried this passion for motorcycles well into adulthood. I’m a self-taught welder, experienced in Mig, Tig, and torch brazing. My speciality is with mild, stainless steel and aluminum. I am also handy as a machinist.

I enjoy building cool stuff and I hope that my shop can provide you with everything that you need to build your own cool stuff as well.

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