Mission Statement

  To provide you with the best quality tools and parts to build your dream bike.

My Story - Anthony

  Since I was 8 years old I’ve had a passion for bikes. I would pull a red wagon around my neighborhood looking for bicycles that had been thrown out, so that I could use them for parts. I was known for fixing bicycles and building custom BMX-style dirt bikes and beach cruisers in my dad’s garage. I have fond memories of my friends coming to me to repair their flats, handlebars, seats, and so on. I can still hear my mom shout from our house at the time, “stop messing with those bikes, come cut the grass!” I remember that I would turn to my friend and say “you want your stuff fixed for free? go cut the grass for my mom.”
  I progressed into building pull-start mini bikes, and as a teen, I fixed and raced JXR’s, RM’s, YZ dirt bikes, you name it. My friends and I would work on our bikes, swap parts, and we “rode’em like we stole’em”. I’ve carried this passion for motorcycles well into adulthood, and throughout my years I’ve become a self-taught welder and fabricator with mild, stainless steel and aluminum. I’m experienced with Mig, Tig, and torch brazing. I am also handy as a machinist. The motorcycle parts that I fabricate I use on my personal bikes, and once they earn the Old’s Cool Choppers’ seal of approval, they get mass produced and sold in my shop. I have shipped my full frames, tail sections and other custom motorcycle parts to clients all around the world, from the UK, to Canada, to Australia, etc.
  With my skills & experience, I’m confident that if you’ve got a dream bike, together we can make it happen.