1968 BSA A65

Aptly named, The Earache was built with attitude. From the earache style TFMW custom exhaust to the TFMW narrow looped springer this little motorbike really packs a big attitude in a small package. This BSA bobber should be called the bad luck beeza after its pre life issues. We custom built this motorcycle for a customer and it was sent of to be painted in Arizona by dirty customs. I never thought this would be the last time I saw the bike. The painter never returned the frame or tins. For the the full story pick up a copy of the horse back street choppers. The earache was featured in Greasy Kulture magazine. 

Earache Bike Info:


* 1968 bsa a65 motor
* dual carb head with amal 930s
* full bsa style TFMW frame 5 stretch and 3 drop duplex style
* 21 inch black spool front wheel 
* 18 inch rear triumph hub
* Wassell style p nut tank custom molding
* barons speed shop rear fender with custom molding
* chrome TFMW left side fill custom oil tank
* chrome TFMW rear custom chain guard
* earache style TFMW rippled drag pipes
* TFMW looped style Springer 4 under
* black tuck seat with vintage chrome mount
* narrow drag bars
* Bates style headlight
* custom TFMW bsa pegs and brake pedal
* black metal flake paint with white pin


Parts used on TFMW Earache