Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter:

1972 Triumph 750

This bike was built for Joe Allgood from NC. Skinny, that's the word to describe this motorbike. Built for bombing the streets this bike melds the line between chopper, bobber, and tracker perfectly. Featuring a single down tube stock style 4 stretch 3 drop TFMW  full hardtail frame, a TFMW 4 under springer, an S pattern TFMW black seat, and a custom TFMW oil tank. A wassel ribbed peanut tank and TFMW ribber rear fender complete the tins. 

Helter Skelter Bike Info:


* single down tube stock style 4 stretch 3 drop TFMW frame
* 4 under looped style TFMW narrow springer
* Wassel ribbed peanut tank
* Barons Speed Shop rear fender
* S pattern TFMW black seat
* left and right side TFMW ceramic high pipes
* custom oil tank from TFMW
* full polished 750 triumph unit motor
* 18 inch black rear wheel
* 21 inch black front spool wheel
* TFMW euro style bars


Parts used on TFMW Helter Skelter