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True Vintage

1973 Triumph 750 Unit 5 Speed

True Vintage was featured on the cover of cycle source magazine in Dec 2011 and was a main feature in Back Street Heroes magazine in Jan 2012. It has made appearances at muscle cars at the playboy mansion, a celebrity car and bike show in Oct 2011. It won 1st place editors choice award at the Easyrider bike show in Charlotte, NC.

True Vintage Bike Info:


* 1973 parallel port 750 5 speed unit construction motor
* full polish 3 under TFMW full chrome springer
* 21 front spool chrome wheel with Avon Speedster 16
* full chrome rear wheel with 5.00x16 firestone
* deluxe candy blue paint with full molding and ghost hawaiian flowers
* parcel grid chrome
* custom rake on tank
* dual cap vintage alien tank with custom tunnel
* white leather pleated seat
* triumph pre unit oil tank in chrome
* barons white foot peg rubbers
* barons 5 inch Wassell style rear fender
* custom TFMW rippled footpeg arms
* custom TFMW chrome rippled turned out drag pipes


Parts used on TFMW True Vintage