TFMW Triumph Valdez

Valdez 1966 Triumph 500 By TFMW TFMW Triumph Valdez Valdez By TFMW Triumph 500


1966 Triumph 500

This bike has a true 70s inspired feel from its high on the hog alien style tank to its Cheech and Chong left side high pipes. This 1966 Triumph single carb head 500 has a hand finned primary and timing covers by TFMW. Featuring a white TFMW seat, 21 inch spool chrome invader front wheel and a chrome TFMW dished oil tank. This bike has been featured in Street Chopper magazine and on the Cyril Huze blog.

Valdez Bike Info:


* 1966 triumph 500
* single carb 500 head
* hand finned primary and timing covers by TFMW
* chrome TFMW dished oil tank
* gold leaf brown flake paint
* copper leaf and white pin striping by pork chop
* alien style narrow single cap tank with custom molded scallops
* mid high looped TFMW chrome sissy bar
* 16 inch chrome triumph invader rear wheel
* 21 inch spool chrome invader front wheel
* 2 under looped style TFMW chrome Springer
* TFMW drag style bars
* barons speed shop rear fender
* custom TFMW chrome Anderson style footpegs
* white TFMW vintage seat
* skinny double down tube TFMW full frame 3 stretch and 3 drop


Parts used on TFMW Valdez