Bearings - Press in style neck cups and 1 inch bearings kit with Built in Fork Stop

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Old's Cool Choppers 

Chrome Press in style press in neck cups and bearing kit with Built in Fork Stop

* 2 Bearings

* 1 Top Cup with Machined in Race - I.D. w/o races: 1.949"

* 1 lower Cup with Fork Stop I.D. w/ races: 1.811"

* 1 lower Race

* 1 Fork stop for Tripple tree side

* 4 pins to attach stop to Bottom Tree

* 4 pins to stop lower cup from rotating in Neck

* Outside Cup Diamater is a Rounded 1.9566"

* to Install just turn frame upside down and drill neck to tap in smaller pins then drill lower tripple tree to tap in lager pins, be surer to have the system straight.