GAS TANK - 2.5 Gallon Custom Frisco Sporty Tank

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Old's Cool Choppers

Brand new steel Bobber fuel tank with a 2.5 gallon capacity for your motorcycle. This tank fits many models (Not EFI) fits carburator. Gravity fed feed- holes must be drilled in the top of your frame or a clamp may hold on the frame.

* 1/4 NPT petcock thread size

* Longer stretch, high mounted tank

* very short tunnel

* Frisco style tank

* made of raw steel



*2.5 Gallon Capacity

*7 3/4 inches high

*15 inches long

*9 1/4 inches wide

*Tunnel width just over 2 1/2 inches

*17 1/2 inches- end of tab to end of other tab

These gas tanks come pressure checked from the manufacture but it is suggested that you perform your own leak test upon installation for guaranteed leak protection.