Rippled Exhaust Pipe

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We at Old’s Cool Choppers are now offering vintage styled rippled exhaust tubing made right here in the Bronx New York by industry professionals and is currently offered in 4 different sizes of ripples 1”5/8, 1”3/4, 1”7/8, & 2”

Our ripple pipe comes in 24”inch long sections with approximately 20” of ripples, these and is made from .065 wall mild steel exhaust tubing.

If you are interested in any other Custom Specific Pattern, Just reach out and lets design your own. 

We often get asked about the best way to instal a section seamlessly into an exhaust Here are specific directions on how to do it the same way we do here on our own bikes

First we will start with determining the length of ripple section we want to install. Then we will cut down the rippled tubing in the center of the high part of the ripple.
Cutting the ripple pipe in the center of the middle of the ripple, this will allow for the splice to look seamless once welded and sanded down.
With your pre-existing exhaust in place on your mock-up motor, or carefully on your daily rider, take a piece of 90 ⇲  angle steel and hold it tight against the pipe marking a straight line on the exhaust system, then do the same to your predetermined cut down length or ripple pipe. Once you cut your small section of straight tubing out, the lines on the ripple pipe and exhaust system will help you relocate the pipes back to the stock position it was in before being the cut.

If the system has coating on it, be sure to sand away any chrome or ceramic coat at least a 1/4 inch from the weld surface and clean the inside as well. We have a small fixture for holding the exhaust in place so it’s straight again before we tack it up, but the piece of angle and some clamps will do the same job.or the next size smaller exhaust pipe as a splicing tool inside the pipe (approximately)  1 inch long (sold separately on the site)

Just make sure the seams are flush with each other and you’re ready to tack and weld. Here at Old’s Cool Choppers we internally purge weld all of our exhausts with argon and use mild steel Tig rod on our exhaust. We do this because a lot of our systems get chromed and you don’t want to use a mix rod or anything with stainless in it if you plan on chroming the pipes. Chrome doesn’t stick to the stainless.
Believe me, your chrome guy will be pissed,
Also we sell flared tips

We hope this little bit of inside info will help you build the exhaust of your dreams, and remember we can make up any size tubing you may need for your systems so please just hit us up for questions or custom orders and be sure to check us out at, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Don’t forget- -buy American and Support the Source